Parents' On-line Access
In order to be able to access your child's grades on-line, you will need to contact the office (327-4336). We will need a current e-mail address and a password that you would like to use. You can then go to to log in and view your child's grades. To view current grades, choose the progress report option, to view grades for all current classes.

K12 Student Insurance

  • Offered through the school systems throughout America exclusively to school age children
  • Open enrollment throughout the school year
  • Unrestricted choice of medical providers (Doctors, Hospitals, etc…)
  • 24-Hour protection for injury at home or at school
  • Designed to be affordable

Does your child need health insurance?
Access free and low-cost health and dental insurance 
for Colorado children up to 18. If your child 
needs health insurance download the form below.

                                        CHILD HEALTH PLAN PLUS